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DAVID STONE is the author of the New York Times Bestselling thriller novel The Echelon Vendetta. Coming May 2010 the fourth book from the Micah Dalton Series...The Skorpion Directive!

The Venetian Judgment


The fourth book in the Micah Dalton Series!

Violins Never Solved Anything: By David Stone

Spycraft Conversation with David Stone

Your Bio says you did Intelligence work. Can you define 'Intelligence'?

David Stone: I'll try. There are many kinds of 'intelligence'. SigInt is Signals Intelligence – monitoring enemy communications. Then there's Elint – the kind of stuff the National Security Agency is doing right now.

You mean Electronic Surveillance, that sort of thing? How 'James Bond' has that technology become?

David Stone: A better analogy would be 'Orwellian'.

As you wish … for example, we're having a phone conversation right now; what's the likelihood that 'they' are listening to us right now, having this conversation?

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